DAWN HOLDING was established in 2016 and specializes in Parylene Coating. The coating is a xylene polymer and a unique "conformal, pinhole-free coating" after evaporation, pyrolysis to polymerization process. The thickness of the film can be controlled between 0.5um to 100 um (micron). Parylene Coating has been widely used in various high-value industries in Europe and North America, such as medical, military, aerospace, automotive, electronics, precision industry and museums.

With more than 30 years of experience in Parylene Coating technology by Koon who is the founder of Dawn Tech in Singapore. Dawn group in the Asia-Pacific region such as Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, China, etc., provide customers with a full range of Parylene Coating solutions to enhance the surface treatment of countless industries of processing bottlenecks.

We have integrated a number of advanced materials and are committed to the development of various high-performance nano-ceramic coatings such as high anti-rust, wear resistance, high heat dissipation, anti-oxidation, insulation and high light transmittance, which are used in automotive parts, communications, consumer electronics and other industries, to provide customers with a full range of surface treatment solutions.


Top Conformal Coating Solutions Available From the Best Coating Chemicals Supplier

With the rising popularity of miniature-sized electronic items, circuit designs, etc., the demand for conformal coatings is rising. Choosing the right Coating Chemicals Supplier is crucial to attaining optimal results. However, due to the vast number of suppliers, the selection process may seem to be quite complicated and tiring.

Dawn Holding will be your best supplier for total solution of conformal coating.

Parylene Coating are special offerings by leading Coating suppliers like Dawn Holding that protect the circuit board, components, electronic items, etc., from adverse effects existing in the immediate environment of the product. It offers increased dielectric resistance along with operational efficiency.

For instance - Parylene Coating conform to overcome the irregularities in both the product and the environmental conditions. It also safeguards the product from corrosion, humidity, dirt, dust, and airborne particles.

There are numerous options for coating technology, and the best one will help you enhance the performance and reliability of your product in a challenging work environment.

Need for the Best Coating Selection

As the electronics turn smaller and take up more complex tasks in areas like the following, the demand for the right coating solutions is also on the rise -

  • Medical
  • Military
  • Electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Precision industries

A device failure in the areas mentioned above would mean dire consequences. Hence, selecting the right product, solutions and supplier can make all the difference to your business. It means that your product will have low moisture permeability, corrosion resistance, dielectric constant, dissipation factors, insulation resistance and will be safe in a challenging work environment.

Nano Coating Solutions for Critical Components

Considering that the selected device coating provides critical protection, choosing the appropriate coating application method helps achieve consistent results, protection, and outcomes using minimal defects. Taking the aid of Dawn Holding's quality Nano Coating solutions helps overcome imperfections in the coating and avoid rework.

Such a process does not need a solvent or curing process and instead relies on a single-step process to attain a uniform nano-coating that helps to mask the imperfections and helps to lower the production expenses.

Nano Coating solutions can be applied over other coatings to obtain additional performance and efficiency. Also, the value-proposition with these coatings relies heavily on -

  • The cost of application
  • Ease of application
  • Scalability

Alternatives like FTC 1500 can be applied on stainless steel and similar metals to attain better adhesive properties, especially after surface pretreatment minus a primer or passivation. It makes the complete process extremely simple and eco-friendly.

High Quality and Value-Added