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Metal Coatings That Conform to Global Standards

With the rising number of applications of metals and alloys in the manufacturing sector, the need for optimal performance and durability. It has forced manufacturers to search for effective solutions to help augment the results. Therefore, selecting the right metal coatings and corrosion-resistant alternatives is important for achieving a sturdy construction.

Corrosion prevention is also crucial to ensure that your product can retain its aesthetic and functional appeal while delivering excellent performance in an industrial environment.

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  • Thin coating thickness (8-15µm)
  • Excellent adhesion
  • High corrosion resistance
  • High hardness – Pencil hardness 5~8H
  • Anti-fingerprint – Easy clean
  • Anti-abrasion
  • Metal luster – High transparency and high glossy
  • Solvent resistance – Acetone, MEK, methylbenzene, Ethanol, etc.
  • Acid and Alkaline resistance – 5%NaOH > 24hrs; 5%H2SO4 > 24hrs
  • Bending – 1T, Good for post-process
  • Customized colors

FTC 1500 can be applied on stainless steel to gain a direct adhesion after surface pre-treatment without primer or passivation, simple process and eco-friendly.



FTC 1500 By spray coating on stainless steel or Ti-plating surfaces, metal parts for interior design, auto parts, bike parts, kitchen wares, bathroom equipment, hardware, etc.

Why are Metal Protection Coatings Crucial?

Corrosion occurs when any metal surface is exposed to electrolytes, including water, salt, and oxygen, or even due to overuse. It is a natural process that causes the metal to return to its actual state.

This exposure leads to an oxidized surface which hampers the physical appearance and performance of the product. In certain cases, it makes the metal susceptible to damages and breakdown.

Since metals like steel and iron have an innate ability to corrode, the products designed from these need to have superior Metal Protection Coatings to retain their original strength and durability.

Opting for Coating on Stainless Steel Products

A wide range of alternatives is available for coating on stainless steel products for both beautification and quality enhancement. For instance, zinc is a natural chemical resistant to corrosion and helps protect stainless steel against corrosive elements. Similarly, Polyurethane top coating or epoxy coating can be a reliable choice for corrosion resistance in buildings.

On the other hand, the Metal Protection Coatings offered by Dawn Holdings are both economical and effective in the long run. These offer the following benefits for your product -

  • Quick and efficient adhesive properties
  • Thin coating thickness that protects the surface
  • High hardness and corrosion protection
  • Metal products become easy to clean and maintain
  • Highly transparent design and glossy finish
  • Great for post-process usage
  • Protection against acetone, ethanol, methylbenzene

These can be instantly applied to your stainless steel products to attain direct adhesion. Also, it offers pretreatment minus primer or passivation, which makes the process eco-friendly. Hence, it can be an effective choice for metal parts, the automobile industry, kitchen designs, hardware solutions, and bike parts.

The collective damages of a poor coating solution can extend beyond monetary value. Costs associated with poor quality production, health, and legal liabilities can be detrimental to the future of any business. The better the quality of coatings, the better your business outcomes and savings.